About The Movie
Parapsychologist Brad Redmond takes his students on a paranormal investigation. There is no easy A for Elliott, as he tries to impress Tiffany, the girl he secretly longs for. Teaming up with an eccentric group of ghost hunters, the students entrench themselves on a secluded farm in rural Kentucky. With no television or electronics for three days the group is oblivious to the pandemic striking the country. There are two options for the ghost hunters and students, become a zombie or fight to stay alive!

Filmmaker J. Lura Ketchledge combined humor and horror to make Another Apocalyptic Zombie Movie. She likens AAZM to Blazing Saddles meets Dawn of the Dead. Ketchledge is the writer, producer, director and sole owner of all said intellectual property. She is currently open to sharing screenplay, and fully edited movie with legitimate agents and movie studios. Contact her through this site.

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